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  • Comprehensive Vision Care for All Ages

    We are fully trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating conditions from myopia and hyperopia to macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

  • The Latest Technological Advances

    We utilize recent developments in diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation to provide the best possible vision care.

  • Our Optical Shop Will Meet All of Your Needs

    Our optical shop is a full-service optical dispensary dedicated to providing quality eyewear and service. ¬†We’ll gladly fill outside prescriptions.

  • Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation

    We specialize in diagnosing and treating convergence insufficiency and other learning-related visual disorders, as well as neurologically-based visual deficits, through vision therapy and rehabilitation.

Introducing Ray-Ban

Northampton Vision is excited to introduce Ray-Ban sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear to our optical dispensary.

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Syntonics Conference

Dr. Ruggiero recently attended the 83rd annual conference for the College of Syntonic Optometry.

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Blue Blocker Lenses

As our exposure to blue light increases, so does our need for protective eyewear. Here's how our new Blue Blocker lenses can benefit you and your family.

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